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No one's hiring right now.

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How it Works

What is Available?

Available is a Twitter-powered board for the Metro Vancouver area’s design and technology community. Everything happens by posting tweets to . A bot sees your mentions and looks for specific keywords that make posting, post updates, and removing posts happen.

Available is for freelancers and agencies looking to connect for employment. It’s the simplest, fastest way to say that you’re looking for work or need to hire someone.

For Jobs

Looking for work

If you’re available to hire, put @HeyAvailable Available at the start of your tweet. For example:

Available: Looking for up to 20hrs/week in #wordpress #front-end web. Check out my work at https://www.frontierfoundry.co/work

Our trusty little bot will put you in the list of people looking for work. Use hashtags are skills or specialities, and a link to your portfolio. Made a mistake? Just do it again and we’ll overwrite what was there.

If you find a job you can remove your post:


Otherwise your post will expire after 30 days.


If you’re looking to hire someone, put @HeyAvailable Hiring at the start of your tweet. For example:

Hiring: Jr-level #wordpress #front-end dev for 6 weeks FT. Info at https://www.frontierfoundry.co/work, apply to boris@frontierfoundry.co

Boom, your job is in the Hiring list. You can only put one post into this category, so if you have several jobs, summarize in the tweet and post a link to your careers page.

If you fill the position(s), remove your post with:


Otherwise your post will expire after 30 days.

Other Questions

Can I post to more than one category?

You sure can! You can have one post in each category, so if you’re over the top busy you can be looking for a job or trying to hire someone.

Why is it ignoring me?

Available should @reply to you faster than lightning whenever you do something. But, Available is just a bot and sometimes bots get confused. If you aren’t getting a response, write to us at boris@frontierfoundry.co or and we can look into it.

Who did this and why?

Available is a community support project by Denim & Steel Interactive. We’ve felt every pain we’re trying to help with here. We know what it’s like to hustle for work, to need help on projects, how good it feels to give a bit of advice, and the relief of having wise counsel. The Vancouver tech and design community has a lot to offer, and we want to help connect and grow this town.

Can I get a custom Available?

You can! We can make localized versions of Available for other cities, and can tune the platform into a number of uses such as curated recommendation engines and other uses we haven’t even thought of. Get in touch boris@frontierfoundry.co and we can talk about what’s possible.


Get in touch and you can also reach us at boris@frontierfoundry.co. Want a version of Available for your city or region? Get in touch!